Kryptogen Rundfunk
sound art ~ experimental music ~ radio waves ~ electromagnetic noise
Kryptogen Rundfunk is a sound art / experimental music project currently based in The Netherlands (formerly from St. Petersburg, Russia). The project works with analogue electronics, radio waves, electromagnetic interference and found sounds, creating sophisticated aural images, often exploring extreme areas of the sonic spectrum. The purpose of these experiments is to temporarily switch off listeners' rational perception and immerse them into the direct experience of abstract sound.

During the 20 years of its activity the project has recorded several studio albums released by European and Russian labels, and performed over 300 live gigs, both solo and in collaboration with many local and international artists. Among the most well-known names to share the stage with were Einstürzende Neubauten, Ben Frost, Bad Sector, Jacob Kirkegaard, Aube, Clock DVA, and Brighter Death Now.

Other prominent works include several soundtracks created in collaboration with the contemporary sculptor & painter Dmitry Kawarga. These works are currently part of the permanent exhibitions at the Erarta contemporary art museum of St. Petersburg, Nikola-Lenivets (the largest modern art park in Europe) and Kawarga-Skete (biomorphic sculpture park).

Artem O. (aka Artyom Kryptogen), the man behind this project, is also the founder of the ZHELEZOBETON record label, one of the biggest labels of post-industrial & experimental music in Russia. The latest release curated by Artyom was the compilation of Russian underground sound artists protesting against Putin's invasion in Ukraine, published by the Danish label TOPOS.
Sound works for the sculptures of Dmitry Kawarga
A 21-meter tower with a contemplation room on top, built on the remains of an abandoned wood-cutting factory in an extremely remote village in the North-East of Leningrad region, Russia.

Known as a skete, or even a temple, this hybrid structure combines the tradition of monastic seclusion with the way of life of a man who exercises art as spiritual practice.

A one-hour long infinitely looped soundtrack was specially created for the Skete.
Gonginichi biomorphic sculpture park, Leningrad region, Russia
Inhabited Substance
A biomorphic sculpture with an internal contemplation room, created for the 11th international festival of landscape objects Archstoyanie 2016. The sculpture remains as part of the permanent exhibition of the park.

Within this hybrid object one can sit or lie down for a long time, feeling oneself a living being inside another being and at the same time experiencing a state of hovering, being cut off from terra firma and social bustle.

Soundtrack with two overlapping sound layers. Two live gigs performed during the opening days of the festival.
Nikola-Lenivets modern art park, Kaluga region, Russia
Model of Biometric Reflexions
A complex robotized biomorphic sculpture with six various kinds of biofeedback devices allowing visitors to interact with the object and alter its behaviour.

The main creative task of this work is an attempt to materialize the mechanisms of the human consciousness, our psycho-physiological processes and brain activity.

Sound samples for the multi-layered installation soundtrack, also soundtrack for the video.
at "Life. The scientific version" international science-art festival, Moscow, April 2-17, 2011
Model of Bipolar Activity
An interactive sculpture with brain activity sensors. Interaction with the object stimulates the feeling of equilibrium and harmony to a viewer, penetrates into hidden places of his consciousness.

The model of bipolar activity demonstrates the real-time changes in the activity of left and right cerebral hemispheres, the way the domination shifts, how the force of interaction fluctuates depending on thoughts, moods, recollection and reflections.

Sound samples for the irrational side of the sculpture.
Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg
Война – Russian manifesto against the invasion in Ukraine
curated by Jacob Kirkegaard and Artyom Kryptogen
released by TOPOS (Copenhagen, Denmark)
This is a collective manifesto by Russian artists from the underground experimental & noise scene, speaking up against Putin's invasion of Ukraine in 2022. We are incredibly hurt by these actions and ashamed of the villainous crimes committed by our country. While we don't have the power to stop the war, we can use our music to express our disgust for what is happening and the pain we feel for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. This music is our message to them and to the world.
  • "Vojna" compilation CD/CS [ + ]
  • "KRCFHL" (collab. with Cisfinitum & Hladna) CD/CS [ + ]
  • "Gudelnaya Polyana – Solar Systo Togathering 2020" compilation 3CD [ + ]
  • "22.SZ" (second edition) CS [ + ]
  • "Tanzender Besoffener Kryptogen Rindfunk" compilation CS [ + ]
  • "Den Noiser Memorial Compilation: Selected Den's Tracks Remixed By His Friends" compilation CS [ + ]
  • "Dissoluteness" (collab. with Radioson) CS [ + ]
  • "Cymatics Resonance" (split with II:II) CS [ + ]
  • "Tales from the Mirrored Spaces" CD/2CD [ + ]
  • "Elusive Trajectories 2003-2006" CD [ + ]
  • "intelkinetix¹" compilation DL [ + ]
  • "Wolf's Fluid / Daytrip Express" (collab. with Hum) 7" lathe-cut [ + ]
  • "The Owls Are Not What They Seem: David Lynch Tribute Remixes" compilation 2CD [ + ]
  • "Liquid Circuits" CD [ + ]
  • "Isorropia V" compilation DL [ + ]
  • "Verges: Tada Ima" (split with Forgttn) CS [ + ]
  • "Now It's Dark: David Lynch Tribute" compilation CD [ + ]
  • "Untitled" (split with Umpio) CS [ + ]
  • "Code 55 / Elektrostatika" (split with Radiostalking) CS/CDR [ + ]
  • "Donbass" compilation DL
  • "15 Poems By Franz Kafka" compilation CD + book [ + ]
  • "Oredezh" compilation CD [ + ]
  • "Live 2005" CDR [ + ]
  • "Magnitnaj Zmij" (split with Neznamo & Lunar Abyss Deus Organum) CDR [ + ]
  • "Mother Russia" (collab. with Cotton Ferox, Bardoseneticcube & 1g0g) CDR [ + ]
  • "Heilige Feuer 6" compilation 2CD [ + ]
  • "Silentium Universi" (collab. with DN23rd – second edition) CDR/CS [ + ]
  • "[W]interloop[s]" (collab. with Sister Loolomie) CDR [ + ]
  • "Rush For Black Celebration: Russian Industrial Depeche Mode Tribute" compilation CD [ + ]
  • "Energia" compilation CD [ + ]
  • "Avtogen-Shaitan" compilation CDR [ + ]
  • "Rokton + Formanta" (collab. with Hladna) 3"CDR [ + ]
  • "Iznutri" compilation CD [ + ]
  • "Roulette Russe Por Un Peu De Caviar" compilation CD [ + ]
  • "Nixrec" compilation CDR [ + ]
  • "How To Stay Younf And Healthy In A Modern World" compilation CDR [ + ]
  • "Red Square" compilation CD [ + ]
  • "...It Just Is (In Memoriam: Jhonn Balance)" compilation 2CD [ + ]
  • "Thalamus" compilation 3"CDR [ + ]
  • "Negative Message From Collective Mind" compilation CDR [ + ]
  • Untitled split with Lunar Abyss Deus Organum & Timur Kujanov CDR [ + ]
  • "22.SZ" CD [ + ]
  • "Silentium Universi" (collab. with DN23rd) CDR [ + ]
  • "Like Music To Their Ears 2" compilation CD [ + ]
  • "Extreme Music From Russia" compilation CD [ + ]
  • "Carnal Panzer Ritual / Sendung f​ü​r Deines Mark" (split with Rupor Udara) CDR [ + ]
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